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An interview with Berni Bell Owner of Adorable Hair Salon

berniWhen Bernie was asked who is the most famous person you ever had as a client she said Mahatma Gandhi’s Granddaughter came to Berni’s New Delhi Hair Salon to get her hair cut.

Bernie had a Hair Salon in New Delhi for 18 years before coming to the USA in 1999. Bernie was educated at Loreto Convent in New Delhi and studied hair design at Gloria Beauty College in New Delhi. Upon graduation Bernie opened her own salon Yaadro Salon where she was owner and manger for 18 years.

When Bernie was asked what hair styles were most popular in India she replied that everyone loved Princess Diana’s hair cut and the other style that was popular is called the Shag.

Bernie was the Manager of a Regis Salon for 5 years.

On July 12, 2003 Bernie was featured in the Yukon Review as the “Queen Of Color”.   On November 27, 2004 Bernie was chosen as one of the top 10 Hair Stylist in a National Sales Contest. She was working at the Wal-mart’s Smart Style Salon when she was chosen for that award.

Bernie opened her own salon “Adorable Hair” in 2007.

Bernie also does waxing of the arms, legs, full face and under arms.

Bernie has men, women and children clients. Any client will tell you it is a relaxing and a positive experience when Bernie does their hair and or waxing. Visiting Bernie is always a rejuvenating experience.

When Bernie was asked how long she has been a hair stylist she replied 35 years! When you first meet Bernie you would never guess she was old enough to have been a hair stylist for 35 years. As one of her clients, I truly believe her calling in life is to color and style hair. I also believe her positive attitude, along with her strong Faith and love for styling hair has kept her looking and acting quite young!

When Bernie was asked what made her choose hair styling as a life long career she said she knew at 16 styling hair was her calling. Her older Sister had a salon in New Delhi and one day her Sister told her about a lady that was paralized and confined to her bed. The lady needed special care with her long hair since she was confined to her bed. Bernie accepted her Sister’s offer and went to meet the lady. The lady could not move at all so Bernie had to devise a way to wash the lady’s hair while the lady was lying in her bed. Bernie used her ingenuity and made a way to wash the lady’s hair and not get the bed wet. The lady had been confined to the bed so long that her long hair was matted and tangled. Every day after school Bernie would visit the lady and untangle a small section of hair each day. It took almost 2 years to get the long matted, tangled hair back to normal. The lady was able to feel beautiful again all because a 16 year old girl who cared enough to visit her every day.

 Each day after work Bernie goes home to her Husband Brian and their two daughters Phyllis and Tufi.