The Queen of Color

berniThe friendly woman holds the 1.000 store company-wide record for coloring the most hair the past two years running.
By Cora Loverty
Staff Writer (Yukon Review)

With more than 1000 Smart Style hair salons in the United States, the local inside Yukon Walmart Super Center is the home to the “Queen of Color” Manger Bernie Bell

While in charge of this particular throne, she holds the company record for coloring the most hair -approximately 900 heads.  “My nightmare is that I can’t do hair anymore,” she laughs. ‘“The Smart Style inner company newsletter calls me ‘the Star of Yukon.’

For the past two years that I’ve been here, I’ve taken home the trophy for doing the maximum dollar amount in hair colors. Last year alone, I did $3,045 in color sales. I just love doing it.  Prior to her two-year reign in Yukon, this particular stylist had been serving the needs of clients for over 26 years in New Delhi, India. She thinks her profession has helped her life unfold through the people she has met. While in India, her she became connected to some the world’s most profound spiritual leaders.

“One of my clients was Gandhi’s granddaughter, Brianka. She owned a small factory behind my salon, where she exported artificial jewelry. I became very close to her mother-in-law at the Catholic church there. They are very nice people.”  A great influence in her life, she also got to personally know Mother Teresa while in New Delhi. Mother Teresa asked Berni to help her by giving jobs to handicapped women.

“The girls helped out by performing pedicures, shampoos, rinses, and cleaning. They weren’t actual stylists, but their help was greatly appreciated in my shop. This mission was such a great influence on my life. I want to be more like Mother Teresa by helping those less privileged individuals and doing what my heart wills me to do.”

The Daughter of a British mother and a Portuguese father, she was born in India. Adopting her parent’s Catholic religion, she said that less than 2 percent of all people in India are of a Christian faith, like Baptist or Catholic. She believes that her faith led her to the right place.

I’ve always loved hair. ‘Something’ always told me styling hair is the right place for inc to be. Since my days in India, I have been performing cuts and colors of all types. When my travels delivered me in Oklahoma, I took the licensing test and easily passed – and I’m so happy that my profession was an easy transition.”

Berni’s path in life led her to Yukon with her husband Brian and daughters Tufica,12 and Phyllis 2  “I love it here. The people are great and this is a really ‘homey’ place. When I first arrived, the culture was hard to adapt to, but life is going all the time and I must adapt to the changes life presents me. The food is certainly different, but I love cooking for my family every day.

“I do miss my family, but I get the love and affection here I need. I’ve found a mother and sister ‘figure’ here and my clients are so wonder Each ‘bracket’ has been filled and the hurt fades away.”